Running performance coach and sports therapy specialist.

I would like to welcome you to my website, I hope you find the information, advice and links helpful.

My aim is not only to keep you up to date on my own progress but also to offer practical and realistic advice on schedules, conditioning programmes, nutrition, injury management and motivation to see you through training for these amazing lifetime events. Have you ever thought about running a marathon or taking that step into the incredible world of ultra running? Are you switching from roads to the trails? Or are you struggling with injuries or nutrition?

I have been passionate about health and fitness since an early age and an avid runner since I can remember. I am a qualified personal trainer, performance enhancement coach and sports therapist that specialises in running specific functional training, body biometrics, conditioning and sports nutrition.

I have competed in many marathons and ultra distance events, improving on my performance from race to race, drawing on the bad runs and mistakes to keep getting better. Researching and developing my conditioning training and nutrition to give me the edge and ensure I can perform at my best.

I run because I love the sense of freedom I get from it…

The beauty of trail running is no footstep will ever be the same, no mountain you run will ever be the same, no forest path will ever be the same….. trail running is the spice of life!