Apocalypse 100 – Conquer Conquest, Feed on Famine, Wipe out War and Defeat Death


Storm Sky

My biggest challenge to date… 100 miles over the amazing Shropshire Hills, whilst feeling a little tense as yet again I enter the unknown, I am quietly excited about this one. To be able to say “I have run 100 miles in one go” will be incredible, to be able to test the body to such an extend and to see how it will respond is intriguing.

The race has been based on the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, each compass point hosts an independent 10 mile loop aptly named:

Conquest – Famine – War – Death



I think that says it all…..

Right now, I am feeling prepped! Ultra Box is full, the maps have been plotted, the drop bags are packed and so the next 2 days will be about rest, eating, hydration and rebuilding a relationship with my foam roller… oh and unfortunately getting another year older! Yes I will be 35 on Friday!

For the race itself I have very kindly been supported by TORQ and have spent the passed weeks getting used to their products – must say it hasn’t been difficult as they are yummy… . One of the questions I get asked a lot is what and how much to take on during an event. As with everything there is never a one size fits all method but TORQ do make it easy, their products are described as units and from that you can workout how frequent and how much you need to consume for endurance events. I would recommend you check out their website

Tomorrow will be my last taper session at Lion Quays Country Club, lots of flexibility and a short aqua jog session in the pool, a great facility to have. As always I have to thank the members of the club for their support, their kind words of encouragement are what I draw on to get me through the darker moments and every race has one or two of them.

So only thing left to answer…. am I ready for this one?

Hell Yeah!, I love this tense apprehensive feeling I have right now. I feel the strength inside me as I visualise the final stages of this 100 mile journey I am about to take. I relish the pain and cant wait to experience how my body will respond to it, to be able to run my debut 100 miler in the stunning and untouched beauty of the Shropshire Hills will make this yet again another amazing event.

I will Conquer Conquest, Feed on Famine, Wipe out War and Defeat Death in my mission to complete the Apocalypse 100

I look forward to writing the post race report and sharing my trials and tribulations with you all.






  1. Good luck Michelle, I’m sure you’ll do great!! And if I don’t see you, happy birthday for Friday! 🙂

  2. Good luck trotters you will nail it like you have done with everything else you have achieved so far xxxxx

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