“Help! I’ve fallen off my fitness bandwagon!”



With January fading into the distance and taking those New Year Resolutions with it we have put together 5 top tips to get you back on track.

1.      Turn a Setback into a Comeback!

Setbacks happen to all of us, injury, illness, family crisis, loss of job, broken relationships. How we react to the curve balls and setbacks that we face everyday defines our path and affects our long-term goals. The key to your comeback is to stop, reassess, reset your goals and start again.

2.      Diarise Your Gym Visits

Before your working week begins to eat into your workout times, a sure fire technique is to book your sessions in your weekly plan. Ad-hoc training times are often forgotten about or not prepared for, instead diarising your training sessions will ensure that nothing gets in the way and you come to your session primed.

3.      Track Your Progress – Health MOT’s and HealthScore

As a member of Nuffield Health Chester, you have access to the best health MOT’s as well as Wellbeing and Lifestyle tracking app in the industry. Your progress can be monitored by one of our Personal Trainers to improve your results and keep you motivated.

4.      If You’re Bored—Your Body is too!

You need to keep challenging your body with different activities. Your body will adapt to any new exercises incredibly quickly, so we need to keep changing your programme to ensure progression.

5.      Get Personal

One of our Personal Trainers can take control of every aspect of your training to ensure you achieve the results you are looking for – in the shortest time possible. A Personal Trainer will perform routines that you simply can’t do on your own and you will see your goals become a reality in no time.

To book a Health MOT, find out more about Healthscore, get your programme updated or to give Personal Training a go, please speak to one of the Fitness Team

Introductory personal training packages are available

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