Name: Michelle Bowen
Website: You are here! Homepage is
Signature line: Go out hard, when it hurts speed up!

Age: 34
Birth date: May 1979
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 8st
Education: Level 4 Master Personal Fitness Trainer & Level 3 Sports Therapist

Favourite food: Crumpets & Honey
Favourite movies: ET
Favourite books: The Purple Runner by Paul Christman
Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite Distance: 40 miles +
Favourite places to run: Llangollen Panorama, North Wales
Hobbies: Health and Fitness

Most satisfying running accomplishment: Ring O’ Fire 135 mile coastal ultra marathon circumnavigating the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. My first ultra distance event and the training went incredibly well, lots of conditioning and flexibility training and split run sessions to be able to cover the mileage required around my work schedule. Day 1 was awesome and I finished as 1st place female, set off on day 2’s 66 miles on a massive high, finishing 2nd female and then ran my heart out on day 3 to finish the 135 miles as 1st female and 5th overall. The most amazing event I have experienced since leaving the forces. The sheer rawness, fantastic scenery and hard core route is what made this an exceptional experience. Anglesey is absolutely breath taking!

I loved every god damn painful step!!!”

In Brief:

I have competed in many half marathon and marathon distance road races throughout out my running career, in April 2013 I achieved a 3:08 marathon time, at which point I realised this was likely to remain my personal best for a long time to come.

Following the London Marathon, I decided I wanted to try something bigger, something that would push me, take me way out of my comfort zone. Being ex – forces, I wanted to take on a challenge that would enable me to raise money for Help for Heroes.

The Ring o Fire, 135 miles circumnavigating the Coast of Anglesey in 3 days ticked all the boxes.

I entered and straight away got down to training, having never run off road before, it was such a shock. The difference from concrete to trail was amazing, the impact on the feet, the ankles and the knees was no more, now I was experiencing a muscle burn like never before. I went from running 20 miles easy to struggling to complete an 8 mile route up and across the Llangollen Panorama.

After months of developing my off road technique, split training sessions to hit the required mileage and daily conditioning workouts I felt great and was confident that I would complete the 135 mile Ring o Fire. I certainly was not expecting a 1st place female and 6th overall position.

Loving every minute of this race, my passion for running had been re-ignited and in December I ran the 42miles Might Contain Nuts Brecon Beacons Ultra, finishing 2nd female and 18th overall. Even with the bleakness of the Brecons in winter, I loved it.

2014 was kicked off with the Pilgrim Challenge, an Extreme Energy event, a 66 mile race over 2 days from Farnham to Merstham. Probably the hardest of them all so far, a combination of travel and extremely muddy conditions, meant the hip flexors took a bit of a bashing. The 33 miles back to Farnham on Sunday was hard going, I failed to refuel properly on the Saturday night and paid in the later stages. Fortunately I had done enough work on Saturday to again finish as a 1st place female and 10th overall.

In May, I completed my debut 100miles, although a lot slower than anticipated after becoming lost in a corn field for 45minutes realising the importance of good navigation skills and my lack of. I am really looking forward to my up and coming events, I’m now getting to the point where I find it difficult remember what they are…

July – Race to the Stones

September – Brecon Beacons 10 Peaks

June 2015 – the legendary Dragons Back Race

There may be a few more in between? The real focus is on the Dragon Back Race