I often get asked about nutrition for ultra distance events, what to eat? when to eat? how much to eat? There can not be a hard and fast rule, this is definitely one of those subjects where the answer can only be experiment for yourself and find out what works for you.

I have tried several different brands of sports nutrition and like many of you have never got on with the products. From problems with too much sugar causing you to “bonk” early on, to making me feel sick and in worst cases causing the well renowned “runners trots” by the end of the race.

At the beginning of the year, I was introduced to the TORQ brand and for me this works. I loved the science behind their products and better still the size and consistency of the gels and the range of flavours offered are amazing. They pride themselves on knowledge of the required blends of carbohydrate and electrolytes along with absorption and utilisation rates during performance in order to maximise the body’s energy efficiency and best of all they make it incredibly easy for us to know what and when to take on fuel during our events.

I ran the Apocalypse 100 on the TORQ gels, bars and energy drink, with a little help from my Mum and her awesome sweet potato savoury rice, I bounced round 70 miles before getting lost in a corn field, I still managed to complete the race in good shape, it just took me a little longer.